Project Updates

Project updates can be seen here:


8/11/2022: Final preparations are currently being made to submit the order with the manufacturer to begin production.


8/23/2022: Deposit has been paid to begin production on the cases.


9/2/2022: PCBs have begun production and the cases have finished CNCing.


9/30/2022: Carrying cases and foam has been paid for to begin production. Cases are still in queue to begin finishing/anodizing soon.


11/30/2022: Carrying cases/foams/microfiber cloths have been completed and sent to the case manufacturer to be shipped together. Cases are undergoing anodizing.


03/17/2023: Cases have been completed and have been shipped to me!


05/13/2023: Cases and the remaining components have been received. Inventory is currently being sorted and QC will commence soon.


6/23/2023: Fulfillment will begin as of now.


11/28/2023: Fulfillment is complete! Extras coming soon.


01/30/2024: Extras available now!