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Bries Cheesery

Peek Optional Extras

Peek Optional Extras

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GB start date: 07/15/2022 23:00 ET
GB end date: 08/15/2022 22:59 ET

Lead time: 6 - 8 months (Estimated time of delivery: Q1 2023)


Please note that this is a group buy. Group buy orders are collected prior to manufacturing. There can be delays and setbacks, and the timeline is only an estimate. By adding this item to your cart and purchasing, you agree that you understand everything above, and have read the refund policy and stock grading policy. You will be charged immediately for this item.


PLEASE NOTE: If you had already purchased the board and would like to add-on some extras, please DM me at "brie#6194" on Discord or send an email to me so I can edit them onto your original invoice.


The aluminum plate will be anodized in black instead of the silver anodizing for production units

The PC plate will be dyed in black instead of the frosted colour for production units

The FR4 plate will come in a black colour

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