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Peek TKL

Peek TKL

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The peek is an F-Rowless Winkeyless TKL developed by brie that features a top mount design, a simplistic profile, and a brass accent piece. The brass accent is inspired by anime related vinyl stickers commonly found on cars. With simplicity in mind, the board was designed for usability and a clean look that fits into any desk setup.

GB start date: 07/15/2022 23:00 ET
GB end date: 08/15/2022 22:59 ET

Lead time: 6 - 8 months (Estimated delivery date: Q1 2023)


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Optional add-ons can be purchased HERE!


To view the GH Thread for additional details: Geekhack Thread


Technical Specifications:

  • Case materials: 6063 aluminum, anodized in black and red (Pantone 484-C)

  • Weight/Accent piece: sandblasted brass

  • Plate material: 5052 black anodized aluminum

  • Optional plates: black PC / aluminum / FR4

  • PCB: 1.6mm hotswap PCB designed by FJ Laboratories

  • Built board weight: ~1583g (~3.49lb)

  • Typing angle: 6 degrees

  • Adjusted Front Height: 19.232 mm

  • Mounting style: Top Mount

  • Dimensions: 355.6 x 114 x 15.25 mm


PCB Specifications:

  • 1.6 mm thickness

  • AT90USB646-MU microchip

  • FR4 Tg 170–180

  • ENIG surface finish

  • ESD protection

  • Utilizes Kailh v1 hotswap sockets

  • QMK, VIA, and Remap compatibility


Additional PCB information can be found here.


    Kit Contents:

    • Top case

    • Bottom case

    • Aluminum plate

    • Unified Daughterboard + JST cable

    • Hotswap PCB

    • Feet

    • Screws

    • Hex allen key

    • Hard carrying case

    • Microfiber cloth

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